Ruby Lounge

Call 020-231 9134 or 0719-764 000

Cuisine: Bar Bistro

Location: Mombasa Road

1st Floor, Panari Hotel Explore tranquility with a breathtaking view of the Nairobi National   Park at Ruby Lounge. This inviting haven is ideal for a distinct night   out with your date. This relaxing lounge turns happy hour into late   nights. Impressive earth brown doors with golden handles slide open   to reveal a room with shiny wooden floors, plush leather couches,   dark wood paneled walls and the promise of wines, liqueurs and   cocktails. It is a true definition of a master piece that brings out class   at its best. Wine is not the only libation served; the rum, brandy &   whisky selection is vast, which means that you can switch to their   amazing cognacs once those margaritas start to burn.