Hemingways Brasserie

Call 020-231 9134 or 0719-764 000

Cuisine:  BarBar & GrillBar Bistro

Location: Mbagathi Ridge, Karen

Undoubtedly one of the very best ‘wine & dine’ experiences in the   region, Hemingways Brasserie surely ticks all the right boxes. From   spectacular continental classics and signature culinary creations   immaculately prepared & plated by some of the very best chefs in   the region, a stunning ambience with breathtaking views of the hotel’s   beautifully manicured gardens, and world-class table service - is just   some of what diners can expect to find. The menu features a variety   of elegantly refined favorites, including the ‘best premium-aged steaks in   Kenya chargrilled to perfection in a unique Josper oven’. Enjoy!